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Showing posts from February, 2012

Small Lifestyle Theater

This is a picture of a small lifestyle theater system installed in Naples, Fl. We also did the lighting.

Colored Outlets

Lutron colored electrical outlets installed in kitchen cabinets. Lutron has a variety of colors to coordinate with your home or office aesthetics. Gateway area, Fort Myers, Fl.

Ceiling Fan Repair

This home had a surge that took out the ceiling fan in this picture. We had to replace the ceiling fan. The fan was replaced by Hidden Technology Inc. Do you see the plastic sheet over the couch? Whenever Hidden Technology Inc. comes to your home, we always cover your furniture.

Dinning Room Light

This dining room  chandelier  light was installed in the Verandah off Palm Beach Blvd, by Hidden Technology, Inc.

Office Fan Install

Office fan install in the Verandah by Hidden Technology, Inc.