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Mini Recessed Light

This is a picture of a mini recessed light we installed in Fort Myers, FL.

How do you sign your work?

RHINO™ 6000 Professional Label Printer .

Labeling The Electrical Panel likes to mark the wires inside the electrical panel. This makes trouble shooting easier.

Smallest VDV (Voice, Data, Video)

I think this is the smallest VDV panel I have every installed.  VDV = Voice, Data, Video

New cameras installed at Brother's Lighting

I just installed two more cameras at Brother's Lighting. They have IR for night vision.

Dinning Room Table Light

Just installed a nice dinning room table light from Brother's Lighting. Sorry I forgot to write down the model number.

Not what I would do.

It's not what I would do, but I guess it works. This light is installed at Woody's Waterside restaurant in St. James City, FL

Bad Networking

If you call someone to your home to repair your computer network and this is what they do... Tell them to stop and get out. Because they do not know what they are doing.

Fanimation AireDecor

Just installed a Fanimation AirDecor ceiling fan. Model number BP220. Nice fan but nothing special.

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Install

Casablanca  Academy ceiling fan install. The model is C38U45K. The fan has good airflow and it has an Energy Star rating. Casablanca clams the fan only uses 75 watts of electricity.

Maxim wall light install

Double Maxim wall light Install. Model #22251WSPD Took about 19 mins 47 sec to install both lights The lights were bought at Brother's Lighting

Kichler Monarch Ceiling Fan

Install this  Kichler Monarch Ceiling Fan on Wednesday. Nice ceiling fan. Pushes a lot of air and it was easy to install. However, I do not care for the remote.
Standard TV install with a Comcast cable box. All of the wires are behind the wall.

TV install

Here is a small TV install, done by Hidden Technology ( ) and Magical Home Theaters ( )