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MinkaAire Dyno-XL F1001

MinkaAire Dyno-XL F1001-Heirloom Bronze Finish Barnwood Blades.  52" ceiling fan with LED light.  And a 1 foot down rod. 
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Automatic Lighting For Make-up Mirrors

We installed some Diode LED Tape lights today in a master bathroom cabinet. The lights come on automatically when you open the door of the cabinet is opened. Doors are open and the LED lights come on automatically when you open the door with an IR switch. Doors closed and LED lights are off. Close-up of the IR Switch. Video of the lights turning on and off with the cabinet door. If you would like this in your home please contact the following: Designer: Sharon Whitney or Electrical Contractor: Christopher Burke

Super Hot Panel. Is Your Electrical Panel Hot?

Is Your Electrical Panel Too Hot? The Main Breaker in this electrical Panel is 345 degrees. It is hot enough to melt the insulation on the main feeder wire coming into this panel.  Marking Electrical Panel I always like to mark the wires in the electrical panel, as will as, the panel cover.

Cable lift and light installation

Nice crystal light. This light is mounted on a cable that lowers and raises. So the end customer can clean it. We put the crystals on the light while it was at ground level. We also tested the light out while it was at ground level. This is how I tested the light before raising it to the top We had to add this flat steal bar into the light in order to reinforce the light. then we raise the light up with the lift in the attic.

Fishy doorbell button

Yes,  we even install fish doorbell buttons. 

TV installation Fort Myers, Fl

We installed this TV on the wall and fished all of the wires behind the wall. The install was done in a condo in Fort Myer, Fl.

Dinning room light installation.

Installed a dinning room light and an entry way light, in a home in Fort Myers, Fl.  The lights were bought at Brother's Lighting.